What is ISO 17024:2012?

ISO 17024:2012 is an international standard that sets general requirements for bodies that issue certifications to individual persons.  An accredited personnel certification body ensures that your certification meets a certain standard of quality. ISO 17024:2012 governs how certifications are developed, maintained, and administered. INAC is ahead of this curve by becoming the FIRST AND ONLY Accredited Personnel Certification Body for Radon Professionals in the United States.

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The Advantage of Accreditation

In a de-regulated marketplace, it is difficult to ensure private organizations/companies maintain and update certifications as the industry grows and develops. Accreditation ensures that growth and development is dictated by the needs of the industry and its stake-holders. Especially in relationship to Radon Gas Infiltration (a Class A Carcinogen) where public health and safety is at stake, it is important to ensure your certification is from an Accredited Personnel Certification Body. In a growing marketplace, accreditation sets you as a certification-holder apart from the un-certified and the non-accredited.


International Accreditation Service (IAS)

Accreditation from IAS provides independent verification that businesses, organizations and governmental entities are competent and comply with industry and/or international standards. Headquartered in California, IAS is an internationally recognized accreditation body that has been providing world-class customer service since 1975. IAS is an IAF-MLA Signatory for Certification of Persons, Product Certification, and Management System Certification.




INAC Certified Radon Professionals

Certifications for Radon Professionals has historically been focused on the scientific community, however Radon Gas infiltration is at its core a building industry concern. Building industry professionals are a primary point of contact for home owners, buyers, and sellers in the real-estate industry, and represent a crucial time to educate about Radon Gas Infiltration and protect families from elevated levels. INAC designed certifications examine all key stake-holders in the industry to ensure that no one is left out of the decision making process.