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Inspector Nation Advanced Certifications

What are Inspector Nation Advanced Certifications (INAC)?

In order to better serve our community, in 2016 Inspector Nation separated its activities for the certification of specialized fields under the name of Inspector Nation – (Advanced Certifications). These INAC housed Certifications include (but are not limited to) Radon Testing and Advanced Home Inspection Certifications based on progressive education and training requirements. INAC certifications are intended to elevate industry standards to a higher level of expertise and ensure that the persons performing these services are properly trained to offer these services to the public. Gregory Enterprises, dba Inspector Nation (Advanced Certifications) developed this certification body to comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012.

Interested in Learning More About How INAC operates?

INAC is a certification body, and while its parent company (Gregory Enterprises) does offer training services, strives to follow set procedures to maintain impartiality in all INAC decision making processes. Our Impartiality Statement is available available online for immediate download and viewing.

Our Certification Scheme Process

Currently, only the INAC Certified Radon Inspection Specialist scheme is housed under INAC. More information about the scope of this certification is available online. A valid list of certification holders can be found on the Inspector Nation Radon Program homepage (

Interested in Applying to be an Education Sponsor or Instructor?

If you are interested in becoming an Education Sponsor or an Instructor for INAC, we invite all qualified applicants to submit an application for review. You may also download a candidate application online.

Need to file a Complaint or Appeal an INAC Decision?

Complaints regarding INAC certified individuals or appeals regarding INAC processes and/or decisions should be submitted in writing directly to INAC. A current complaint form and a current appeals form with instructions is available online.

Looking for Updates Regarding Applicants or Certification Holders

In the event that a change to a program or certification scheme occurs, all certification holders will be notified directly. In addition, changes will be posted on this website.

What are the typical fees associated with certification?

Exam and Application Processing fees for all certifications are set at a flat rate of $100.00. Training or education pre-requisite fees are separate and are charged by the education sponsor and instructor. On average the total cost for certification is $350.00, but will vary depending on education costs.